Monday, March 2, 2009

FriendChart Quick Tip I - Dealing With Naysayers

It should come as no surprise, that as you begin to weed out the un-friends from your social group, and bestow the title of "Friend" upon those who are worthy, you'll run into a few disgruntled naysayers.

It is likely that, out of any number of reasons, including, but not limited to petty jealousy, infantile anger, or the application of reason, and logic, naysayers will try to convince you of the invalidity of the FriendChart system.

These individuals tend to be desperate loners who have failed to pass the litmus test of the FreindChart system, and are thus quite discontented. They would like nothing less than to keenly observe, and then point out the glaringly obvious flaws, and flimsy logic which constitute the foundations of the FriendChart.

Killjoys that they are, FriendChart Naysayers will take every opportunity to mention to you that the FriendChart takes
friendship, beautiful institution that it is, and reconstitutes it into a bland, loveless mush, distilled down to a mere mathematical equation.

They are correct, but, unfortunately for them, a major tenet of the FriendChart is obtuse, stubborn, ignorance to the subtleties of human interaction, as well as to the opinions of anyone who is not in your top five, or whom you've known less than one year. So they can just go straight to hell and die.

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